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LAG Traduções e Serviços de Consultoria Limitada was founded in 2006 by me, Liam Gallagher. I was born in Northern Ireland and have spent over 30 years in Brazil, 24 of them in the financial markets, in addition to having worked as international business manager for a top Brazilian translation agency.

I also worked as a teacher of Business English between 2003 and 2006, and in response to demands in the financial market for native-quality translation services, in addition to consultancy in Business English, I decided to set up LAG Traduções, offering a differentiated approach based on my 24 years' experience in the Brazilian and international financial markets. I am currently in the final semester of an interpreter training course at the Pontificate Catholic University (PUC) of São Paulo. Once I graduate, I intend to work as a congress interpreter, adding this service to the list of those I already offer.

Today, I have a diversified client portfolio that includes banks, insurance companies and advertising and marketing agencies, HR companies and software development companies, among others. In addition, I provide services to other translation agencies.

Regarding the translation business, there are a couple of observations I would like to make.

Technical translation is just not any common or garden product or service. It is a differentiated service. The important thing is to provide quality service, including complying with project deadlines. Translating is an inherently technical profession requiring extreme care on the part of the translator/reviewer. Perhaps one could say that it is a mixture of art and science. It is also important that the work be done by properly remunerated professionals. There is no room for amateurs, and the market must understand that work of this nature comes at a price. Unfortunately in Brazil today, many companies, with rare exceptions, look on translation services as just as another commodity. Quite often price is the deciding factor, which leads to quality concerns. Someone once said: The sweet taste of a cheap deal is very often surpassed by the bitter flavor of lousy service.

  • Undergraduate Degree in Modern Languages (Russian) from The Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland (1978)
  • Postgraduate Degree (CEAG) in Business Administration (Finance) from the EAESP/Fundação Getúlio Vargas (SP) (1995)
  • Executive MBA– Entrepreneurship and Finance, Brazilian Business School, São Paulo (2005)
  • Certificate in Interpreting – English/Portuguese/English, from the Catholic University (PUC), São Paulo, June 2012.
  • A career spanning 24 years in the Brazilian financial market (Lloyds Bank Brazil – 1979 to 1993; Banco Mercantil de São Paulo – 1994 to 2002)
  • From June 2004 to May 2006, International Business Manager at All Tasks Traduções Técnicas, consultant and speaker on Localization / Internationalization / Globalization of Products and Services.
  • Teacher/consultant in Business English (Finance, IT, Foreign Trade, Banking, Economics, Globalization); Speaker on Internationalization / Localization of Software and Globalization of web sites.
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